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    Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Andi Simon – The Simon Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs
    July 14, 2021
    Andi Simon joins the Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae Podcast to discuss The Simon Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs Listen NowThe post Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Andi Simon...
    7 Ways to Create a Really Inclusive Workplace
    July 9, 2021
    Many people, it seems, are all for gender equity, diversity, and an inclusive workplace. Yet, in most cases, it is just not happening. According to Andi Simon, PhD, author of Rethink: Smashi...
    Women face a myriad of injustices; can a better world emerge?
    July 9, 2021
    What does it say about our culture when moms and their children are facing unbearable pain and trauma during the pandemic? This crisis has simply amplified the way women in the U.S. are unde...
    10 Signs You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Experts
    July 9, 2021
    When you think of highly intelligent people, chances are, specific types come to mind. For instance, people who seem to know random facts about everything, or people who solve math equations...
    How Female Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Barriers And Find Success Post-Pandemic
    July 9, 2021
    Winston Churchill once said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” The optimist in me sees so many opportunities in th...
    How anthropology can drive insights from your customer data
    July 9, 2021
    Digital marketing is great at analyzing what customers want and how they buy it. But for every data scientist who crunches the numbers, you might also need an anthropologist to sharpen your ...

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