A Blue Ocean Studio™️ Software training course offering is coming soon

Behind the scenes here at The Blue Ocean Strategist, we’re building a course on using Blue Ocean Studio Software. The software, found at https://bogn.com is a useful set of proprietary software tools built by a team licensed to deliver the tools for Blue Ocean Strategists all over the world.

Blue Ocean Studio Software

Blue Ocean Studio™ is an intuitive online learning and application workspace that allows one to effectively learn and apply the blue ocean concepts, and collaborate with one’s team as all work to formulate blue ocean moves.

Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, a business leader, an educator, a government civil servant, a shift in perspective is often helpful. If you simply want to create new ideas to solve an existing problem which stand apart from the rest, redefine an existing problem and solve it differently by shifting perspectives or identify brand new problems and seize new opportunities, you will find use of the software helpful.

We have found the software to be especially helpful in the visualization of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift.

Our goal here at The Blue Ocean Strategist is to provide a free online course to anyone passionate about implementing Blue Ocean Shift in their organizations.

The course will cover the following topics.

Module/Section One: Initial Setup

  • Opening an Account
  • Sign up and Sign in
  • Entering Blue Ocean Studio™️ and Profile Set Up
  • Quiz

Module Two: Introduction to Studio Tools and Layouts

  • Portfolios and Projects
  • Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy Tools
  • Quiz

Module Three: Starting Points

  • Pioneer Migrator Settler Map
  • Price Corridor of the Mass
  • Templates
  • Quiz

Module Four: Establishing the State of Play

  • The As-Is Strategy Canvas Tool
  • Quiz

Module Five: Uncovering the Buyer Experience Cycle

  • The Buyer Utility Map Tool
  • Quiz

Module Six: Reach Beyond Existing Demand

  • The Three Tiers of Non Customers Tool
  • Quiz

Module Seven: Opening Up a New Value Frontier

  • The Six Paths Framework Tool
  • Quiz

Module Eight: Four Actions Framework

  • The ERRC Grid Tool
  • Quiz

Module Nine: The Future State of Play

  • The To-Be Strategy Canvas Tool
  • Quiz

Module Ten: Making it All Happen

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Implementations
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Fairs
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Mindsets
  • Wrap Up
  • Quiz

If you’ve been a change leader in your organization, an entrepreneur, a strategist or consultant, you’ve likely read the original Blue Ocean Strategy best seller or the follow-up best seller, Blue Ocean Shift. They are not prerequisites for benefitting from the course. The software is somewhat intuitive but having read or being familiar with Blue Ocean Strategy concepts will make your time in the software more beneficial.

One of the better aspects of the software is the ability to add collaborators. This means if you’re leading a corporate initiative or have partners in your startup you may add them and all benefit by the visualizations in real time.

If you’re the change leader in your company, you’ll have the ability to add visuals and make presentations that empower your arguments for change.

Share the word with anyone regarding the course. The target release date is June 1st, 2020. Again, there will be no charge for the course. 

Our agenda? First, to inform and share with the world, the power of Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Shift, and Blue Ocean Studio™️ software. Second, to be radically generous in the words of Eddie Yoon and Christopher Lochhead. Third, if someone were to need implementation assistance with a Blue Ocean initiative, we’ll be here at the ready to help.

If you’re reading this on the Blue Ocean Strategist website, simply enter your email address in the newsletter subscription box. We won’t spam you or sell your email address. We haven’t built a sequence of communications for signups as of yet. Our focus at this point is building community.

Join us and we’ll make sure you have a link to the course signup when it goes live. 

If you have questions about anything related to Blue Ocean Strategy, our founder, Sherman G. Mohr is scheduling free one hour calls and the schedule fills up fairly quickly. These no frills, no obligation, no BS calls are provided for business owners, division leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone else interest in discussing their business, ideas, or challenges in the context of Blue Ocean Strategy. Schedule your call here! 

Sherman G. Mohr

Sherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. He serves as Co-Founder of marketing, tech, and healthcare companies.