Blue Ocean Strategy Challenge

The Blue Ocean Strategy Challenge

Program Overview

If your profits are being squeezed or you’re losing market share it’s important that you learn more about The Blue Ocean Strategy Challenge. There has never been a more important time to use proven tools and frameworks to systematically grow your business and increase profits. 

Who needs this training? 

Any business owner, marketing leader, strategic planner, sole proprietor, CEO, or division leader who is experiencing the following issues: 

*Increased competition from new players in the market  

*Squeezing of margins

*Loss of market share  

* Employee turnover  

*Lackluster performance

*Innovators pushing your product out of the market  

*Pandemic pressures forcing changes

*Strategic plans that aren’t effective 

*Lack of clear path for product development

*Lack of creativity 

*Slow or negative growth in new customers 

*Reduced relevancy  

What does the program include? 

  • 5 Days of Live Training in 6 Sessions – 45 minutes per session/recordings as well. 
  • Tools and resources for ongoing use. 
  • Email access to The Blue Ocean Strategist for questions after the challenge. 
  • One month of weekly one on one scheduled phone support. 
  • Online community with connectivity to other participants. 
  • Discounted rates on ongoing implementation support.

Who is your challenge coach? 

Sherman G. Mohr is a Nashville-based Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute certified Blue Ocean Strategist. He serves as CEO for a growing tech-enabled spirits and wine marketing firm and weaves Blue Ocean Strategy principles into every company he runs or provides consulting work.

His industry experience includes mortgage and finance, software firms, direct sales organizations, online communities, top-level domain management, spirits and wine technology, pet supplements, and more.

Will I have access to material and community after the challenge? 

Absolutely. The time spent during the challenge is a jump start on implementing change in your company, offerings, or startup. You can’t expect to have sufficient time to implement a blue ocean shift in one week. You will receive the overall technical exposure and training to use the frameworks, utilize the tools, and understand how they apply to your company’s needs. 

All recordings, resources, publications, and case studies will be available to you after the challenge in a password-protected member area.


Do you still have pre-registration challenge questions? 

Schedule a 30-minute call with Sherman G. Mohr, The Blue Ocean Strategist. Visit or email him at


Shawn Mathis, Ph. D.

Board Member, Entrepreneur

“Sherman first introduced me to Blue Ocean Strategy as a strategic model in 2007. I became an adopter of the frameworks in my own companies and over the years witnessed Sherman apply blue ocean strategy to every project and client he worked on. His ongoing engagements involving my companies were always positively influenced by his blue ocean expertise and implementations. Sherman’s business acumen is broad and there are very few industries that would not be benefited by Sherman’s blue ocean driven approach to value innovation.”

Charley McPherson

Co-Founder / President at Miracle One Wine Company, LLC

Sherman is a forward-thinking marketing pro who understands customer lifetime value, online marketing, and the importance of building an audience that will buy my product. His company, Shared Spirits is ahead of the curve with innovative technologies and methods that serve all kinds of businesses, not just the spirits and wine industry. 

Bo Hussung

Managing Director at H2 Management LLC

I have known Sherman for almost 20 years. In that time we have engaged in several projects together and he always brings a keen understanding of the project dynamics, the mission and objective, and how to bring in the right people to make it a reality. It is rare when he and I visit that he does not know someone in literally any vertical with which I am currently working and is always one of my “go-to’s” for his wisdom and insight. He is a consummate professional in everything he has ever done.