Call for Guests for the Value Innovators Show

You are an innovator or know one!  You or someone you know has introduced a new product or service to the market with great success.

The Blue Ocean Strategist shares a call for guests for the value innovators.

As a result of our passion for blue ocean value innovation, The Blue Ocean Strategist has launched The Value Innovators Show. This weekly chat takes place with an individual or team that has or is about to have some success in delivering value innovation.

Why Value Innovation?

You likely know that value innovation is defined as often times lowering the cost of something while at the same time, increasing value.

An early example of the basic show page and interview style are found here with the inaugural interview with Charley Mcpherson.

Referrals wanted to meet our call for guests for the value innovators

If you have a referral of someone you’d like to see featured, we want the introduction. If you wish to be considered for an interview, we want to meet you.

How does it work?

It works like this. We seek to have a discussion of 20 to 40 minutes. We do these over zoom. Every attempt is made to do so at 11:30 CST on Tuesdays.

We share a shortlist of softball questions in advance. There is little editing done so some experience on your end with Zoom, appropriate sound and lighting, and a decent camera presence is preferred.

Possible outcomes when one answers the call for guests for the value innovators

You and your company receive a little extra exposure for having spent the time with us.

Soon after the interview, you’ll end up with a shareable link where you were asked some thoughtful questions about your business.

Whenever we interview someone, their story is shared across our social channels. Not huge but growing. Currently, the numbers are at about 8500 for LinkedIn, plus LinkedIn groups ranging from 450 to 2 million.  We’ll share on Facebook and Instagram and Medium groups.  Pages on Twitter and Reddit as well.

Fill out the form below and count on our following up.