A Starter Course in Using Blue Ocean Strategy Blue Ocean Studio™️ Software

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Welcome and congratulations. You’ve made a wise choice in developing a basic skill. The use of Blue Ocean Studio™️ software will enhance your ability to implement Blue Ocean Strategy initiatives in your business, division, consultancy, or personal life.

If you’re a budding strategist, the tools will make you better. If you’re a seasoned strategist, you’ll likely find the software will empower you to improve the deliverables and hence the results afforded your clients.

This complementary course is offered in hopes of several things. First, that you’ll find value in Blue Ocean Strategy. It has proven invaluable to my work as a co-founder and now as a consultant.

Second, I hope to add value to our relationship. This course was written, recorded, and published during a period of “stay at home” periods of Covid-19 and it is a way to be, in the words of Christopher Lochhead, radically generous.

And finally, I’m most hopeful that you’ll find the software and Blue Ocean Strategy of value in spearheading your own Blue Ocean Shift. If it turns out that I or any of my colleagues end up being of value to you in ways that justify a monetary exchange, that’s fine. However, that is not the primary aim of these sessions.

The course will cover the following topics.

Module/Section One: Initial Setup

  • Opening an Account
  • Sign up and Sign in
  • Entering Blue Ocean Studio™️ and Profile Set Up
  • Quiz

Module Two: Introduction to Studio Tools and Layouts

  • Portfolios and Projects
  • Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy Tools
  • Quiz

Module Three: Starting Points

  • Pioneer Migrator Settler Map
  • Price Corridor of the Mass
  • Templates
  • Quiz

Module Four: Establishing the State of Play

  • The As-Is Strategy Canvas Tool
  • Quiz

Module Five: Uncovering the Buyer Experience Cycle

  • The Buyer Utility Map Tool
  • Quiz

Module Six: Reach Beyond Existing Demand

  • The Three Tiers of Non Customers Tool
  • Quiz

Module Seven: Opening Up a New Value Frontier

  • The Six Paths Framework Tool
  • Quiz

Module Eight: Four Actions Framework

  • The ERRC Grid Tool
  • Quiz

Module Nine: The Future State of Play

  • The To-Be Strategy Canvas Tool
  • Quiz

Module Ten: Making it All Happen

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Implementations
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Mindsets
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Fairs
  • Wrap Up
  • Quiz