Don’t Do Your Strategic Plan Until You Do This

Strategic planning is a must. Most business owners know it. Most small business owners and sole proprietors don’t do it well.  Don’t do your strategic plan until you do this. What is “this”? Construction of a Blue Ocean Strategy As-Is Strategy Canvas.

There is a significant argument to be made for going through the As-Is Strategy Canvas process as prescribed in Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant.

This strategic planning book and its later companion Blue Ocean Shift both describe Blue Ocean Strategy case studies and in Blue Ocean Shift, some high-level details on the implementation of blue ocean strategies. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, the authors are worthy follows on social media by the way.

John P. Kotter states in his outstanding strategic planning related book, Leading Change, “A useful rule of thumb: Whenever you cannot describe the vision driving a change initiative in five minutes or less and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest, you are in for trouble.” 

The Blue Ocean As-Is Strategy Canvas process will serve to initiate candid conversations with your team, your fellow co-founders, your division, or other trusted advisors as it relates to your industry’s current state of play. By the current state of play, we mean, the comparison of your key factors of competition laid against those of your industry and competition.

The image below represents an As-Is Strategy Canvas.

The current state of play for spirits and wine sampling

The space between the red line of Shared Spirits and those lines of the Advanced Sampling firms and Traditional Sampling firms is known as the Value Curve.

The horizontal line features key factors of competition. Many decision-makers are not prepared to readily answer what their industry’s key factors of competition truly are. If you need help, we’re here to assist.

Many companies find that there is no real distinction between their offerings and the offerings of their competitors. When this is the case, no distinct value curve is defined.

With the As-Is Strategy Canvas exercise taking place prior to your strategic planning, your plan becomes more clear, actionable, and more likely to lead to prioritization of the right things.

For a short time only, The Blue Ocean Strategist is offering a complimentary As-Is Strategy Canvas. What’s in it for us?

Relationships. Radical exposure. Possible business. Goodwill. Referrals. Candidly, all those are worth the effort.

If you’d like to take advantage of this professional service at no cost to your firm, please visit this link. All questions must be answered. If you’re serious about the implementation of the right plan, we’re serious about offering this great ignition point for you.

Don’t Do Your Strategic Plan Until You Do This!