Five Days to a More Profitable Business

Five days to a more profitable business. That’s our attempt at a catchy headline. We are, however, going to see that you receive some value before leaving the page.

Here at the Blue Ocean Strategist, we’re committed to seeing that every reader leaves with something that benefits their business in some way.

Let’s get started on that effort right now.

In Blue Ocean Strategy terms, the key goal is value innovation. That is defined as breaking the value/cost tradeoff. That tradeoff in traditional business is when a company either raises its price and subsequently its offering’s value or lowers the price and decreases the value of its offering.

Think Ford Motor Company’s attempt over the years to trick out a Crown Victoria with added luxury, call it a Mercury and charge more. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, think of airlines stripping features away from flights and lowering the prices.

So what might benefit your business right now? Obviously, that is impossible for us to know with any real specificity.

We do know without a doubt, that you’d likely like to deliver more value to your customers while simultaneously lowering the costs of what it takes for you to deliver your offering.        

How might you be able to lower costs of production, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and support while delivering more value?

Take the Blue Ocean Strategy Challenge.

I have two special offers for the readers of this post.

Offer One: Fill out the simple form embedded in this post and we’ll send you a $40.00 promo code.

Offer Two: If at the end of the challenge you find it delivered so little value that you’d like a refund, we’ll refund your money. We would like a little good faith constructive feedback if you don’t mind, but the refund policy is 100% assured. You send us a message that you didn’t receive value and we refund your challenge costs.

Read here for more information about the challenge. Five Days to a More Profitable Business is not a fit for everyone but it may be a fit for you.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Challenge is offering by The Blue Ocean Strategist, Sherman G. Mohr, of Nashville TN. Sherman is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist.

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