Four podcasts that feed the strategic mind.

There are hundreds of great podcasts out there that feed the strategic mind.

These four podcasts that feed the strategic mind are included because I’m familiar with them and recommend them. It’s that simple.

When I think about the mind of Blue Ocean Strategist or a strategist in general, I think of these four qualities.

These come from and I’ve written a separate article on the mind of a Blue Ocean Strategist as well. Find it here.

  • Practitioners of Blue Ocean Strategy do not take industry conditions as given. They set out to reshape those conditions in favor of their companies or clients.

  •  Blue ocean strategists do not seek to beat the competition. They instead, aim to make competition irrelevant.

  •  Trained Blue Ocean professionals focus on creating and capturing new demand, not fighting over existing customers.

  •  Strategist implementing Blue Ocean simultaneously pursue differentiation and low cost. They seek a complete break from the traditional value-cost trade-off.

So when I think of four podcasts that feed the strategic mind this is my list.

In no particular order. Again, this is opinion only people. I would greatly appreciate hearing about your favorites.

I follow and listen to these podcasts for different reasons but they each deliver some level of inspiration around the four qualities that I seek to cultivate.

Seth Godin’s work and stories in Akimbo provide a significant source of inspiration on the blue ocean topic of humanness. His stories never cease to provide fuel to me and many others.

Prof G! Holy moly. He’s simultaneously full of himself and self-effacing at the same time. The material delivered is massively useful when you desire well-defended thoughts and opinions around what is going down in business.

His guests have been some of the brightest women I’ve followed online in months. The energy is terrific and I hear “truth” with Prof G. The value/cost tradeoff has been, in my view, the most consistent lesson learned with Prof G’s thought and rants.

Inspiration for the strategist

Guy Raz has provided startup inspiration with every show. The stories of entrepreneurs shared in their own words, allow one to realize that value innovation wasn’t always intentional.

Sometimes, sheer determination to continue through the obstacles is what gave the company time to rise up.

Christopher Lochhead has provided category creation training with every podcast. He literally provides tangible examples of companies and leaders who refused to take industry conditions and rules as a given.

The bonus? There could have been many but Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory has done more to provide thoughtful guests who demonstrate the creative and determined mind of a strategist.

He and his guests are consistently encouraging the audience to simply “DO”. Just start where you are and learn. If you don’t know what to do next, do something.

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is one of the four podcasts that feed the strategic mind

You’ll notice these choices aren’t business technical.

That is not where the strategist lives. Sure, she knows how to execute but an MBA or Ph.D. isn’t the hallmark of these brilliant hosts or their guests.

The hallmark is creativity, persistence, determination, grit, and a willingness to surround themselves with people that are smarter than themselves.

These are the kinds of mentors I seek as a strategist.

I’d love to hear your favorites and why you like them. If you have any thoughts around great podcast or want to chat about Blue Ocean Strategy, feel free to reach out. I’ll chat with you happily for an hour or so. Just schedule it here. 

Sherman G. Mohr Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Certified Consultant shares four podcasts that feed the strategic mindSherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville TN. He serves as co-founder of marketing, tech, and health care firm startups.