How to sell 48 bottles of wine in one night?

Blue ocean strategists focus on creating demand, not fighting over it. This is how to sell 48 bottles of wine in one night.

Challenges ahead

Shared Spirits Marketing was approached with some challenges. Quick disclaimer, I’m a co-founder of the company.

Challenge number one: support a key restaurant account. The account had suffered losses during the shutdowns.

The second challenge:  how to lift a singular wine brand?

Shared Spirits chose not to view the current environment as an impossible challenge.

One big issue? A restaurant can’t seat enough people in the restaurant to meet the marketing goal.

The numbers make a difference. It’s how to sell 48 bottles of wine in one night.

Another big problem is that every customer seated at a table can’t be made to buy the same wine.

This is the only way the brand is supported in the fashion it required.

Shared Spirits focused on creating demand, not fighting over it.

As a result of this thinking,  the chef put together a meal-kit. The meal-kit included two bottles of wine. One white and one red.

The chef-curated meal kit was assembled for ticket buyers of the “cook at home” event.

Importantly, the event included a wine brand co-host, the chef, and a Shared Spirits host fielding questions for the chef.

In addition, a two-hour zoom meeting showcasing meal prep and wine expertise was provided.

And finally, ticket sales were limited to 24 buyers.

The result?

In a pandemic restaurant environment, demand was CREATED, not fought over.

As a result, 48 bottles of one brand of wine were sold. 48 people were served.

Amazingly, the equivalent of a decent crowd at the restaurant occurred and no wait staff or bar staff were needed.

case study graphic showcasing wine dinner results

So as we end this post, Shared Spirits now has data associated with restaurant and brand loyalty. They have feedback on the wine. They have methods now available to market to the consumer. This marketing will point the consumer back to a participating retailer who features the wine brand and their additional varietals.

So if you would like to see more details on this case study, click here.

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Sherman G. MohrSherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. He serves as co-founder and consultant for marketing firm, Shared Spirits Marketing, and a pet supplement firm, Petpumps.