Meet Car Buying Value Innovator Terry Lancaster

If you’ve ever bought a car or truck and intend to do so again, you need to meet car buying value innovator Terry Lancaster. The automotive manufacturing, sales, and service industries have been in a constant state of flux for decades.

Antiquated methods of distribution, sales, and service are being disrupted. Laws governing dealer franchise relationships with manufacturers are being challenged. Sales models are being changed allowing a more direct to manufacturer relationship with buyers. Online transactions that don’t involve direct interaction with sales staff are on the rise.

Intermediaries for information, Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and more dominate the “research” space for new and used car buyers. Through March of 2019, over 5 million cars have been sold on Ebay. The world buys cars differently now.

Hence your need to know Terry Lancaster. Terry has a decades-long history in automotive advertising. As the financial crisis of 2008 and Craigslist’s disruption of newspapers decimated the traditional advertising game for auto dealers, Terry got to work building a great business in training car sales professionals on how to navigate their new realities.

How did he do it?

He cultivated the sales pro’s ability to build trust, relationships, and consistency. Few people in the training world have niched down to serve a market as successfully as Terry.

In the interview, The Blue Ocean Strategist, Sherman G. Mohr, asked about Terry’s newest venture. A direct to consumer automotive sales model. Think Carvana with its personal driveway delivery and no need to visit the dealer. With Terry’s work, you know instantly with whom you’re dealing.

His marriage of technology, service, and today’s realities are unique to the individual car and truck selling professional.

When I think of Terry’s work in a blue ocean strategy context, I’m seeing an approach that serves to capture all three tiers of the non-customer.

He can readily serve friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. These parties know and trust Terry already and will naturally visit his site as soon as they know about it and wish to buy a car.

His tier two non-customer, those who consciously are looking for other alternatives are targeted through his consistent sharing of content, expertise, and knowledge. Also, engagement and endorsements from past clients will serve to drive tier two non-customers to Terry.

His third tier non-customers are now within reach. This category of customers doesn’t know Terry as a possible solution to their car/truck buying needs. However, with his technology innovation, delivering 11,000 vehicles in an online inventory, people who don’t know Terry but heard about him via someone else, or via online content, now have the ability to work with him.

There are numerous other blue ocean strategies at play in Terry’s new world of selling cars. The car or truck is now a commodity.

Value innovation occurs for Terry in that he didn’t have to build a lot, rent or buy land, finance inventory, or hire staff. His expenses are low.

His risk is nominal. However, for the buyer, his expertise is immense. His relationships are strong, and the value delivered is very high.

Value innovation is defined in that way. Lower the cost of delivery, increase the value delivered simultaneously.

If you’d like to chat with Terry about his work, buying your next vehicle, or sharing the word with anyone else, you may connect with him in the following ways.

Call or text 24/7 at 615.804.0311. Also, visit his inventory of 11,000 cars at

Sherman G. Mohr is The Blue Ocean Strategist. He serves as CEO of Shared Spirits Marketing and Co-Founder of