Meet The Value Innovators

The Value Innovators is a weekly attempt at an interview featuring content across the web where value innovation is taking place. Guests are commonplace and occasionally, Sherman G. Mohr, The Blue Ocean Strategist, simply riffs on a great company.

The common thread? Value innovation. Not just technological innovation or a one feature distinction. We feature companies that are truly breaking the value/cost tradeoff and lowering costs while adding value. They are on their way or have already become blue ocean enterprises.

June 2nd with Charley Mcpherson of Miracle One Wine Company

June 9th with Kevin Caron of PetPumps

June 17th with Enderson Miranda of Onsomble

June 22nd with Chris Meade of CROSSNET

July with Elliott Cunningham of Social Media Magnet

Sept 24th with Shannon Rizzo of Global Girl LIfe and Shannon Rizzo Companies

Sept 28th with Terry Lancaster, Auto Industry Value Innovator of

Oct 8th with Amber Ambrose of Ambrose McDowell Communications

February 8th, 2021 with the Drury brothers of