Meet startup founder Kevin Caron

Meet Covid-19 era startup founder Kevin Caron. Kevin hales from Coco Beach Fl. His brings to this episode of the show a history of direct sales.

Fifteen Years Ago

When I first met Kevin Caron, he was on the cutting edge of new product launches.

In fact, he’s never left the area of great direct to consumer products and services.

So you’ll read, he shares in this week’s interview his reasons for entering the pet supplement business.

Lessons and Takeaways

You will receive some lessons from the interview.

Kevin shares his prospecting tips.

As always, he inspires us with his grit.

When you meet Covid-19 era startup founder Kevin Caron, you’ll instantly feel a certain authenticity.

This is clear in the simple PetPumps marketing video.

PetPumps is taking preorders on its pet vitamin spray and currently delivering on PetPumps Canine Wafers Joint Support.  

It is a product designed to help all dogs with joint issues!

In addition to being healthy, PetPumps Canine Wafers Joint Support are delicious beef or chicken liver flavored wafers that your dog will love!

As a result, it’s snack time not vitamin time!

Giving Back

PetPumps is thrilled to annouce that a portion of every bottle of PetPumps Multi-Supplement Sprays and PetPumps Canine Wafers will be donated to Retired Police Canine Foundation.

Meet Covid-19 era startup founder Kevin Caron

Importantly, the Retired Police Canine Foundation assists individuals and families with the sometimes overwhelming medical bills associated with owning a retired police or military service animal.

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Sherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. Finally, he serves as Co-Founder of Shared Spirits, a marketing – tech firm serving the alcohol industry.