Meet Value Innovator Amber Ambrose

If you wish to be inspired by great people doing good work during tough times; meet value innovator Amber Ambrose.

Amber is a co-founder of Ambrose McDowell Communications. The firm is a Houston based writing firm with tremendous strength in social media.

As a Blue Ocean Strategist, my interest in companies surrounds the unique value propositions offered to their customers. I’m curious about their niches, their current customers, and their approach to identifying new markets.

I met Amber during her time as a show host for a significant online video firm. Interviews were conducted with interesting business leaders in various markets. She made a move into firm ownership shortly after our having been connected.

You will find a Blue Ocean thread around value innovation when companies are surviving and thriving during pandemic times.

Strong company culture is obvious in this interview. Key components of Blue Ocean companies that have successfully shifted from static to thriving are humanness, confidence, and creative competence.

From Blue Ocean Shift: “Humanness, in short, builds our confidence to act by eliciting our emotional engagement. It relaxes us and makes us feel secure enough to reach beyond what we know and explore the as-yet unknown.

While humanness builds our confidence to act, market-creating tools, and clear guidance on how to apply them to build our creative competence. ”

Catch the interview here.

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Sherman G. Mohr is The Blue Ocean Strategist. He works with companies and solopreneurs in building strategies that lead to value innovation and new markets from non-customers. He is implementing these strategies in his company Shared Spirits Marketing and

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