Meet Value Innovator Elliott Cunningham

Welcome to this edition of the Value Innovators Show. I’m excited for readers to meet value innovator Elliott Cunningham.

Elliott Cunningham and Dr. Kyle Huggins have developed courseware that is currently taught at universities like Belmont, Methodist, James Madison, and Penn State.

I’ve known Elliott for 13 years and have found every interaction, engagement, and conversation with him to be a learning experience.

His strategic work in Blue Ocean Strategy is what led me to the discipline.

Without his mentorship and influence, I and the numerous companies for which I’ve consulted, would not have been exposed to Blue Ocean or other strategic models without his influence.

What is covered in our talk?

This interview covers some details about Elliott’s marketing and strategic background. We also dive deeply into the academic and corporate offering of his current major project, the Social Media Magnet.

The Social Media Magnet team has run this methodology in classes for over five years. The course has consistently rated as one of the top classes in participating business schools. All the more reason to meet value innovator Elliott Cunningham. 

Feedback from students has reinforced the growth of the university offering.

As a result, Social Media Magnet is being offered to academic institutions across the globe. 

With over a thousand students and numerous corporate certifications in place, the face of marketing training is being changed. We hope you’ll learn much from this conversation with Elliott Cunningham.

Social Media Magnet courseware teaches undergraduate and graduate marketing students the principles of brand strategy online. 

It’s coursework taken over the course of a marketing campaign

They then use a Live Practicum to teach students how to design, align, and implement a brand campaign.

This work is completed in a live, real-world implementation. The students are graded on a competitive basis.

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In today’s changing university environment, there is no better time to integrate high-quality online courseware that adds value to the student’s real-world skillset.

Students that gain the certification are better equipped to land great internships. They also are better at marketing their own products or gaining better employment.

As a result of the incredible early successes, corporations are finding it useful to modify and improve their entire marketing stack after completion of the course.

Reach out to Elliott Cunningham here with any follow up questions.

Sherman G. Mohr is The Blue Ocean Strategist and serves as CEO and Co-Founder of a spirits and wine marketing firm, Shared Spirits. He is Nashville based. If you’d like to discuss anything related to marketing, blue ocean strategy, or strategic planning in your business, schedule a complimentary visit by clicking here!