My top four Fiverr contractors

My top four Fiverr contractors deserve a Blue Ocean Strategist shout out. As you’ll see, the entire Fiverr platform is a Blue Ocean Strategy success story.


value cost trade off is a sign of Blue ocean strategy success

Value Innovation

Value innovation is the key sign that new markets exist and a company is about to capture that new market space.

In the case of Fiverr, new markets for creators, coders, strategists, writers, editors, database pros, web builders, videographers and more have been created.

As a result, some of these offerings by “Sellers” in the Fiverr platform have lead to disruptive innovation in those spaces. More traditional creators have had to adjust, niche down, or become more competitive.

Not all Fiverr sellers are top flight.

Admittedly, some communication issues pop up.  There are language barriers, and technology hurdles at times.

However, once a buyer knows how to navigate these waters, becomes a tremendous resource.

My top four Fiverr contractors.

In no particular order, these are some real successes. In each case, I’ve hot-linked to the actual gig I ordered.

When I need SSL certificate work completed for a web site. I go to Wonsterprime. This UK based contractor is the best. He makes it happen fast, accurately. I’ve used him so often, I feel like if I am in the UK and want to hang with him for a coffee or beer, he’d come out and see me.

Fiverr top four contractors

When I need database and research assistance my go-to person is Maliksomi985. I’ve given rows and rows of raw data in one format and received it back within the promised time frame without fail. If you’re needing a file to upload in a certain format and it’s too time consuming, reach out to this great provider.

Top Fiverr Contractors

When I’ve needed logo and design concepts to share with others or with team members, my best bet is starkylolo. He’s a UK based pro with high ratings, great rates, and dynamite communication skills.

Top Four Fiverr Contractors

When I’ve needed green screen spokesperson work, my go-to pro is Rhondalee. She’s a consummate professional who lays out instructions and her gigs very clearly. Delivery is on time and of great value.

Top Four Fiverr Gigs

What other gigs have I ordered outside of my top four Fiverr contractors?

I’ve successfully ordered database research. Example, 1600 lines of alcohol marketing-related links delivered in excel for $16.00.

On a related note, one order was for transferring from PDF to a csv file 4600 names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers for upload into a web application. Price. $75.00

And finally, for my company Shared Spirits, this animation video was completed by a pro in Kuala Lumpur for $150.00. For a startup at the time, it was very helpful.

In summary, Fiverr has done an admirable job of providing platform innovation. They deliver relative safety to buyers by escrowing money that doesn’t get distributed until both parties are satisfied.

Is it perfect every time? No. Is it a great place to get certain tasks done so you can do what you do best? Absolutely.

If you’d like to discuss how best to leverage your offerings in a Blue Ocean Strategy way, set up a free call time with us. We would love to hear about your business. Schedule that time here! 

Sherman G. MohrSherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. He serves as co-founder and consultant in spirits marketing, Telehealth, and pet supplement enterprises.