Personal Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Coaching

You’re a sole proprietor, small business owner, or advisor to business owners in your area. You’ve heard about Blue Ocean Strategy and may have read the books, Blue Ocean Strategy or Blue Ocean Shift. 

There is a proven process for navigating into blue oceans of uncontested market space and out of the red ocean of bloody competition.

Our work helps make that happen. Whether you’re in a personal one on one coaching relationship with us or a group cohort, we deliver cost-effective, high impact strategic work.

Through a series of weekly calls, email availability, collaborative blue ocean implementation assignments, and group accountability, we foster the change needed for growth. 

Sherman G. Mohr, our Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute certified Blue Ocean Strategist has delivered blue ocean implementations for the spirits and wine industries, kiosks and marketing industry, faith-based online networking platforms, liquor investment funds, entertainment companies, and more.

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