The Blue Ocean Strategist Pandemic Pivot

The Blue Ocean Strategist Pandemic Pivot is designed to enhance your company’s team to be equipped to proceed with the work of finding opportunities in the face of global uncertainty.

Example: When a group of unaffiliated but similar organizations seeking to find ways to communicate globally via an online community, they brought in a small team sponsored by a well-known leader in the global community. The leader saw the innovation as a “Blue Ocean” strategy. The premise was to identify present issues, identify current non-customers, and build leadership skills amongst the small group so that they could leverage the tools of Blue Ocean Strategy on their own without the need for expensive ongoing retainers and monthly expenses traditionally charged by strategic consultants.

The Blue Ocean Strategist Pandemic Pivot is a varied, depending on need, online and virtual implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and processes over your current systems, products, and services.

Pricing varies and our primary goal is to establish long lasting relationships. Our consultants aren’t starving and the ability to service clients with practical pricing models is vitally important in today’s market.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Internal Implementation Monthly Support Package

Upon initial work around establishing a “to-be” strategy or a future looking path, the designated change agents that are assigned to Blue Ocean Strategy implementation oftentimes need more support and mentorship than the books afford. Our Blue Ocean Strategy Support Package includes the following:

  • A monthly video call session to go over corporate initiatives and Blue Ocean Strategy updates – up to 2 hours.
  • Metrics and Accountability
  • Phone Support – 3 calls a month
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Ticket System

The Blue Ocean Strategy Monthly Support Package is designed to deliver ongoing implementation support without you or your company being required to spend thousands of dollars monthly on a costly consultant.

Our monthly support package is delivered for $695.00 monthly.

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