The Blue Ocean Strategist Services

The Blue Ocean Strategist Services:

A Complimentary 30 Minute Strategy Chat. This is a no-obligation opportunity to discuss any matter of strategic importance to your business. If there is a possible solution to your challenge found within Blue Ocean Strategy frameworks, we’ll find it. You’ll take away something of value in return for your trust and time. Click here to schedule.

A Blue Ocean Strategy AS-IS Strategy Canvas. There is no better way to gain an understanding of how your company or your company’s offerings compare to the competition than with a Blue Ocean AS-IS Strategy Canvas. This tool delivers a graphic depiction of the industry “state of play”. The result? Enhanced ability to make better investments and decisions. The price point for the canvas is $500.00 with the filling out of our online AS-IS Strategy Canvas Input Form. Start Here. You will not be billed until you approve our moving forward.

The Blue Ocean Strategist Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation. This is a virtual implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and processes. This is a package designed primarily for the solopreneur or sole-practitioner. Pricing varies and our primary goal is to see you and your company become beneficiaries of vast blue oceans of uncontested markets and new customers. Click here to schedule a complimentary strategy chat.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Internal Implementation Monthly Support Package

When companies begin implementation of their “to-be” strategy and their Blue Ocean implementations, challenges to the status quo are to be expected. The designated change agents that are assigned to Blue Ocean Strategy implementation oftentimes need more support and mentorship than the books afford. Our Blue Ocean Strategy Support Package includes the following:

  • A monthly video call session to go over corporate initiatives and Blue Ocean Strategy updates – up to 2 hours.
  • Metrics and Accountability
  • Phone Support – 3 calls a month
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Ticket System

The Blue Ocean Strategy Monthly Support Package is designed to deliver ongoing implementation support without you or your company being required to spend thousands of dollars monthly on a costly consultant.

Our monthly support package is delivered for $695.00 monthly.

The Blue Ocean Strategist Services are designed to provide companies of all types and sizes to implement blue ocean strategy. We look forward to helping you capture blue oceans of new markets and customers.

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