The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience Cycle. Stage Two. The Delivery.

In this series we’re unpacking the Blue Ocean Strategy Buyer Experience Cycle. We are discussing how our new realities are requiring a systematic approach to unlocking value by reassessing how the customer experience looks through the entire buyer experience cycle.

In review, there are six stages of the buyer cycle. These are measured against six levers on a vertical axis.

Buyer Utility Map

Today, we cover stage two in the buyer experience cycle, delivery.

We are encouraging you to carefully ask what are the blockages to the delivery of your product or service to your customers.

The consumer package goods market has undergone transformation in the last few years and it is being accelerated and stressed at the moment. When you think of your product or service, what is the customer’s experience when it comes to environmental friendliness, fun and image, risk, real or perceived, convenience, simplicity, and productivity.

There are dozens, even hundreds of examples. Let me share just one. Here in Nashville, a company I use for home repairs, Results Handyman had come recommended. I called them and found they have a stellar online work order system. I went to their site, ordered my job, pictures and details included. I received a quote back with a price assurance policy and time slot preferences. Okay, check box one, the purchase stage discussed in the last post was covered nicely.

On the day of the job, I received a confirmation text that the repair professional was on the way to my place. He showed up, put on his shoe coverings, confirmed the job, completed the work exactly in the amount of time estimated and when he cleaned up to leave, I went for my check book or card preparing to pay and discovered that they instead invoice after the job and I was able to pay online in a secure portal. A fantastic delivery experience with a post job survey or review sent as well. This folks, is home repair moved to today’s world. Obviously, this team has asked questions about the nature of product/service delivery and taken the responses back to the drawing board, modified their process and now deliver an optimal repair experience for their customers.

If you ask your customers and your front line sales staff as well as your support people what the realities are relative to true customer feedback, you’ll likely find that there are blockages to customer utility when it comes to the delivery of your product or service.

When you begin to solve for these blockages, you unlock value. Unlock value and you lead to value innovation, new markets and untapped customers.

If you have questions about this process and want to discuss them with me, count me in. No obligation or strings. Sure, I’d love to work through some issues for payment, that’s what we do here. However, if you’ve read this far, let’s get to know one another. It’s time to help not keep score. Schedule a call here.

Sherman G. MohrSherman G. Mohr is an Insead Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN.