Meet value innovator and wine industry leader Charley Mcpherson

Meet value innovator and wine industry leader Charley Mcpherson, Founder of Miracle One Wine Company. He shares his history of innovation in the wine industry. Charley has some exciting value innovations plan for the wine business as well as the entire restaurant space.

Get to know him. He’s a resource and looks forward to your connection.

Charley McPherson has been in the wine business as a buyer or direct winery representative for almost 30 years. Coming from the ranks of the restaurant industry he made the move to the supply side of the industry when he had received a B.S. in Communications from The University of Tennessee. 

First Job

His first job as a direct winery supply representative was in California, covering Oakland to Lake Tahoe. 

In terms of competition this would be the killing fields.

California is where they weed out those who thought it was going to be a party from those who have the stamina to stay relevant in a market with fierce competition. 

Charley Mcpherson a value innovator with miracle one wine companyHe would move on to cover and manage all aspects of various business units across the country, with significant stints in New Orleans, Atlanta, and Nashville.  


His southern roots made him a sure bet for those markets.  While his responsibilities would expand well beyond the Southeastern US. He most recently served as President of a French Importing company.  

Nashville has been home for well over a decade and the place of his birth. 

Over the course of his storied career he managed to pick up his level 1 Sommelier certificate.  This is a passion he deeply admires but does not encourage for the faint of heart.  

Master Sommeliers are a different breed, and they have his mad respect, but in Charley’s words,”They are nuts! That is tough stuff.” 

Charley would also go on to complete an executive MBA program over the course of three years and to date is his most fulfilling academic achievement. 

History of representing big brands

Professionally, Charley has been hands on in building many brands in the beer, wine and spirits category.  

Some are quite famous, or notorious, depending on where you sit.  

He’s been involved with beer brands as big as Shiner out of Texas, and spirits brands like Stolichnaya from Russia.  

That will vault you into the limelight quickly, but wine was his first and current passion in the industry. 

Kim Crawford, Toasted Head, Franzia, Corbett Canyon, Hogue Cellars, Campo Viejo, Perrier Jouet, G.H. Mumm, Mumm Napa, Butter Chardonnay, Kenwood Vineyards, Inniskillin, Jackson Triggs are a few of the brands he has helped build alongside countless talents in the C-suite, the front lines, and the cellar floor. 

A legacy of innovation

To date, the high point for Charley was launching the “screw cap” initiative via Kim Crawford and 19 other wineries out of NZ. 

EVERYONE said they would fail. Now it’s a thing.  At one point in time Charley had the number one restaurant account on the planet, selling 20 cases a month of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.  It was a shitty little account in New Orleans that operates under the banner of Commander’s Palace. 🙂

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Miracle One innovates from day one

Value innovator and wine industry leader Charley Mcpherson is designing sustainability into his brand. He is working exclusively with family owned vineyards. His passion for putting great wine in kegs promises to deliver higher value and lower cost than any other supplier.

Value innovator and wine industry leader Charley Mcpherson’s current best current contact info is You may also hit him up one LinkedIn here.

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