We launched our Blue Ocean Studio™ Software Course

We launched our Blue Ocean Studio™ Software Course. After searching the web for a useful free course on how to use Blue Ocean Studio™ software and finding none existed we decided to share the tool via a course with others.

Why Now?

Blue Ocean Strategy has a global following and the software tool built serves practitioners well. We launched our Blue Ocean Studio™ software course to add value during a trying time for some companies.
We encourage you to take our free course explaining the use of Blue Ocean Studio Software. This extremely useful tool is robust.
Blue Ocean Strategy charges $187 for a course on the use of their studio software. Ours is free. At $130 a month for its use, you are wise to take this course and confirm its applicability to your desired goals prior to payment.
The course becomes available upon free registration.

Take the free course by clicking this link! We trust it will be helpful.

If you’re not ready to take the Blue Ocean Studio course, we invite you to join our community. You will be on the list of those who are first to receive notification of the release of additional free courses. Click here to join.

Our vision

Our vision of the community is to see it filled with strategists devoted to any number of models.There will be groups, more courses, guest writers, and guest publishers. The blue ocean strategist is prepared to collaborate with any practitioner on projects that meet the goals of both parties.

If you’re in need of Blue Ocean Strategy discussion time for any valid business reason, we’d appreciate talking with you. Click here to schedule your complimentary one-hour session.

Sherman G. Mohr is an Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Institute Certified Blue Ocean Strategist residing in Nashville, TN. He serves as co-founder of marketing, tech, and health care firms.