Why We Do This

Your company is likely experiencing challenges like never before. If you’re a solopreneur, entrpreneur, division lead, or a CEO of a major company, you need new markets, revenue, and growth.

We support the key leadership assigned to corporate Blue Ocean Shift and transformation. In times like these, where products and services often times have to be reinvented, new customers are needed.

The key premise in Blue Ocean Strategic work is the identification of noncustomers using tools, methods, and proven systems that take companies from bloody red oceans of competition to blue oceans of uncontested market space. This may occur in good economic times or bad. The move from red to blue will lead to higher margins, lower cost, and profits. (i.e. greenbacks, currency, cash.)

We train your internal Blue Ocean Shift teams or leadership. We mentor and support them with tools and systems that are far more effective than traditional consultants.

A key premise behind Blue Ocean Strategy is delivering a higher value proposition to new audiences and growing market share while simultaneously keeping down costs.

With The Blue Ocean Strategist, companies experience Blue Ocean Strategic principles of lower cost and higher value first hand. We provide a power-packed initial workshop, zoom or online-based, and then if desired, assist your designated go-to Blue Ocean Shift implementation leaders, working with them personally via virtual tools. The cost remains low while the value and innovation remain true to Blue Ocean Strategy standards.